Rules of the Event: September 29, 2019 (rain date October 12, 2019)

2 players per team - must be same two players every match or team is not eligible for elimination round

Each team is guaranteed 7 games

Each game is to 21, first team to reach 21 wins (exact score not needed)

NO shutout rule

Teams will alternate throws until each has made 4 throws. Teams can determine which team will throw first through any method they choose (rock, paper, scissors or flipping a coin). Team that was last to score a point will shoot first all throws after.

Scoring is as follows:

In the hole = 3 points

On the board = 1 point

If Team A throws 2 bags in the hole and the Team B gets all 4 throws on the board, Team A will score 2 points.

Teams will track own score during game. A representative from the winning team MUST report the correct score to the scoring official for your group.

Following the group stage, top 3 teams from each group will advance to the elimination rounds. The next 8 best records will also advance. At this stage, the 32 remaining teams will be re-seeded 1-32 and will compete to be the final team left standing. Any ties between teams during the re-seeding will be settled by coin toss. 

The championship match will be 2 out of 3 falls to determine a winner.

If there are any issues/disputes, please get in touch with Hobson immediately so he can be aware and work on a solution.

The first place team will take home $1,000. Second place will take home $400. 

Registration begins at 8:30am and first bags will be tossed at 9:30am.

Food available for purchase (more info on this as we get closer)